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"QuaranBingo Party".

Not a term anyone would have been familiar with in 2019.

So what is it?

QuaranBingo is a live Bingo game hosted over Zoom.

It works the same as an in-person bingo night, except it’s just for your group, it's pandemic-safe,

and far more fun. Everyone in your party gets a Zoom link and unique bingo cards to play with.

Your hosts, Cristen and Jameson, don’t just call balls. There are jokes, special Bingo variations

( ie - find the shape of Florida instead of five-in-a-row), drinking games, riddles, themes, trivia 

and anything else we can do to make your event more than just bingo. When someone wins,

we have a pre-approved list of prizes to award (we show them via screen share), and prizes are

mailed after the event is over. We can even send you a recording of the event after it’s done.

So don’t just bingo. QuaranBingo!

Follow these four simple steps to start planning your own QuaranBingo party today!

1 : 

You have the brilliant idea to host a fun party or event

that your guests can play from the safety of their homes.

Good thinking, mate! 

2 : 

Start by checking out our plans here.  Then contact us

with the package you like and some dates that would work for you.

3 : 

We’ll work with you to tailor the event to meet your needs. 

We'll create an invitation flyer for your event that you can send to all of your guests.  Then we will send over details about managing your guest list, choosing prizes for the winners, etc.  Before the game, we individually email each guest with instructions for the game and their custom Bingo cards.

4 : 

You and your guests enjoy the perfect amount of Bingo

(roughly 8 rounds) 

along with plenty of laughs, memories, 

and prizes worth their weight in bragging rights! 

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