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Our newest expansion to the QuaranBingo Gaming Universe:


Everybody loves a claw machine.

The thrill of the chase, the strategizing, and of course,

that payoff. When you aim just right and that orange starfish is yours.

We have an old-style vintage claw machine right at QB HQ.

It's rigged with three cameras for maximum claw experience:

1. A camera that travels with the claw so you get a birds eye view.

2. A camera on the outside of the machine showing all the toy options.

3. A camera above the timer so you know how long you've got left.

This is a team effort. You tell the operator (Cristen or Jameson)

exactly where you want to position the claw and when you want to drop it. 

Then we all wait in that all-too-familiar anticipation to see if you angled right.

Prizes can be shipped to the winners, or donated to "Toys For Tots"/ non-seasonal children's fund!

Clawrantine! makes a great game for friends, a fundraising tool, and especially a children's party.

Message today to ask about pricing!

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